Along the road from Tamale to Wa.

Along the road from Tamale to Wa.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas in Ghana

The Festival of Edina Buronya, an indigenous version of Christmas, exclusively celebrated by the people of Elmina - Edina on the first Thursday of the new year.. Edina Buronya Festival The festival was influenced by the Portuguese settlers who celebrated a similar event every January. For the people of Edina, it is a period of purification, sacrifices to the gods, remembrance of the dead, and the welcoming of a new year. Families pour libations and invite friends to participate in dining, and merry-making, throughout the town.

There are three main religious groups in Ghana. These are Christian, Muslim and those who follow traditional faiths. Places of worship are found all over the country.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Getting Ready to Leave for Africa.

Making arrangements to live in a new country is a lot of work.  I am even learning to ride a motorcycle, the most common mode of transportation in Northern Ghana.  I am taking lessons at Cyclelogics Motorcyle Rider Training, at home in British Columbia and having a blast.  I definately recommend taking lessons to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to ride safely and maximize the enjoyment of the experience.