Along the road from Tamale to Wa.

Along the road from Tamale to Wa.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Volunteers' Dinner

Ghana is a county of warm spirits and generosity but sometimes you need to get together with other volunteers to chat about the challenges it also brings.  Regularly on Friday nights, volunteers go to a “spot” Alems to do just that.  We had Holland, France, Great Brittan and of course Canada at the one this week.  It was a small group but nice to have a drink together and share some local food.

I have introduced to a soft drink called Alvaro which comes in pear and mixed pineapple, which is fantastic.  It is produced in Kenya, East Africa and is a mix between malt brew and fruit.  It is a great choice for a drink at the Spot before dinner.

Our dinner of ground nut soup, rice and fried fish was slightly interrupted by a power outage that lasted most of the evening.  The staff, quickly recover to this common occurrence by bringing candles and carrying flashlights to the tables.  A very nice evening was had by all.