Along the road from Tamale to Wa.

Along the road from Tamale to Wa.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Week One

Hello blog watchers:
A week here in Ghana is up and there have been some major culture shocks.   I am in Wa in a house with two roommates, Bob and Miriyan.

 Miriyan and I have one wing of the house and Bob is in the master suite on the other.  There is a living/dining room in the middle with a tiny table and sofas and chairs.  The kitchens is good with a cook top, fridge and sink.  Water is available every 4 days from an outside tap so large garbage cans of water are kept in the kitchen and bathrooms.   We have indoor plumbing well, fixtures, which we use the stored water to flush and wash.  A bucket shower is becoming a way of life.

I have made up my bedroom to bring as much of home as I can.  What it lacks in luxury is made up for by lots of sentimental touches and homemade charm.  I have two large windows and a ceiling fan so at least now in the cool season (35 or so degrees) but it cools off in the evening.

The market is a 30 to 45 minute walk.  There we buy eggs, tomatoes, cabbage, very expensive green peppers or carrots, rice, beans, oranges, pinapples and flour.  We buy powdered milk, juice, and have brought tea with us so there is lots to drink besides our filtered water.  Most people do not bring their lunch to work so it can be a long time for the break when families go home to cook.  There are small open air stalls where you can buy anything that also will sell meals until they run out for the day.
Evenings are quiet and I get a lot of reading done as well as communication by email when the connection works.  There is also lots of housework to keep up with.  Everything is done by hand - dishes, laundry, mopping, and dusting (needed a lot).